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build better

Pathw.ai is the platform for all those who want to detail steel structures smartly. We help you work quicker through the engineering data, suggest which connections you can possibly reuse and help keep an overview on the whole process so you can go from design to production safer, faster and better.

The best way to design your steel structures

Engineering calculations are one of the most complex parts in the design process of buildings. Pathw.ai automates the engineering flow for most of your connection designs, so that your experts can focus on the outliers.

Use trusted libraries to avoid double work

When engineers use Pathw.ai to design structures, our software recognizes specific patterns. Our technology becomes more intelligent every time you use it, and our library with solutions grows every day.

Make your processes transparant

Our platform delivers contractors the tools to intervene early in the design process to avoid problems and delays. A library of typicals can also be pro-actively pushed to third parties to streamline the overall workflow.

Our team

We are committed to making engineers, draftsmen and 
contractors work together in a better way.

Ebrahim Lamkanfi


Ebrahim Lamkanfi has a PhD in Civil/Mechanical engineering with 15+ years of experience in state-of-the-art structural and mechanical modelling software.

Philip Smet


Philip Smet is a mathematician and IT specialist with 20+ years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Get started with Pathw.ai

Eager to learn more about the potential of Pathw.ai? We can’t wait to show you around!

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