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draw faster closes the gap between engineers and the drawing department. Our technology helps you shorten the lead time by finding similar solutions that have been used by yourself or others.

Work smarter by leveraging your expertise

Our powerful platform is the missing link between the engineers and draftsmen. We provide a library of validated connection designs that work for you.

Faster communication

No longer receive paper sketches by e-mail from engineers. Log into the platform and find the engineering designs assigned to the right node groups to start your work right away.

An extensive database

Stand on the shoulders of colleagues by reusing their validated connections. Connect your inhouse library to common pools to learn from other designers.


Previous designs ready to work for you


Identify your preferred designs

By systematically storing your project designs, you can establish a library. automatically checks which designs you often use.


Organize the designs

You can share the library with other engineers/draftsmen so you can collaborate and learn from each other. You decide what designs you want to share with who, internally as well as externally.


Find what you need allows you to quickly filter past projects based on different parameters. By section profiles, forces, material and connection techniques.


Apply your trusted solution

Thanks to, draftsmen can use trusted solutions for the simple connections and focus more on the drawing of more complex connections. Afterwards, these drawings can also be uploaded and easily reused in new projects.

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Eager to learn more about the potential of We can’t wait to show you around!

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