Our origin story

With their life-long curiosity in how algorithms and automation could help improve the building environment, Philip and Ebrahim joined forces in 2018 to start a software company to solve some fundamental problems in how steel buildings come to existence.

Early interactions with different stakeholders in the steel sector made it clear that the industry was largely operating in a segmented manner, naturally complicating internal day-to-day operations and putting a lot of friction on the interactions between different parties in times of stress.

Having both worked in different high-tech sectors where workflows are highly digitized and interconnected, it became quickly clear that the productivity issues the steel sector experiences could be traced back to the occurrence of unstructured data sharing bottlenecks. This fundamental issue has huge consequences on communication and collaboration on the whole industry during design and production phases.

The additional insight that the latest technology pushes in the construction world like BIM and generative design are not solving the entrenchment of engineering and CAD data that end up in unconnected silos, has set us out on the mission to connect this valuable data throughout the whole industrial workflow, so that repetitive work and cumbersome collaboration efforts during times of peak stress become a thing of the past.

This is why the Pathw.ai platform is "the" cloud solution where different engineering ideas, designs and practical solutions are connected from an efficient workflow perspective so that engineers can design safer, draftsmen draw faster, and contractors build better.

Our team

We are committed to making engineers, draftsmen and 
contractors work together in a better way.

Ebrahim Lamkanfi


Ebrahim Lamkanfi has a PhD in Civil/Mechanical engineering with 15+ years of experience in state-of-the-art structural and mechanical modelling software.

Philip Smet


Philip Smet is a mathematician and IT specialist with 20+ years of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Want to join our team?

Want to work with us to help engineers, draftsmen and contractors? At Pathw.ai, you will join a fast-growing organization where everyone has an impact. We give you plenty of opportunities to grow and learn.

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