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design safer helps structural engineers during the process of calculating connections in steel buildings, i.e. from the start to a finished calculation note. automates the calculation of the "simple" connections in steel buildings, so engineers can focus on the more complex ones.

Safe and fast engineering without compromise allows engineers to have a quick overview of the “stress” state of the building before the start of the detailed design. Our technology suggests which connections are similar and lets you skip steps so your draftsmen can start quicker.

100 times faster

Simple connections can be sent fast to the draftsman so you have time to focus on the complex ones.

Work smarter, not harder

Our technology automatically searches for similar connections that were calculated and reviewed in the past.


The fastest way to sign off your connections


Gain insights into your work

Upload your structure onto the platform and immediately receive actionable insights to understand its “stress” state behavior and impact on the connection design process.


Identify similar connections

Our software uses various parameters to check which connections are identical, how often they appear in your design and which nodes you can group together.


Determine the governing load combinations automatically presents a clear overview of the critical load combinations for each node group. Our powerful dot plot allows you to intuitively analyze and select the extreme cases effortlessly.


Use possible matching solutions from your own built engineering library

Instead of starting the connection design from an empty sheet, our automatic search process helps you go through your trusted library of solutions.


Easily export your selected data

In case no suitable matches are found, arranges the node group data from the previous steps and lets you transfer this to your preferred connection design tool.

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