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build better understands that production lead time is critical for steel fabricators. Our platform delivers contractors the tools to intervene early in the design process to avoid problems and delays. A library of typicals can also be pro-actively pushed to third parties to streamline the overall workflow.

Own your production lead time

Our platform gives steel fabricators the opportunity to guard the production lead time by suggesting standard solutions to engineers and draftsmen during their design work.

Review designs in an early stage

Intervene in the design process before the start of the production phase. Post-mortem discussions with engineers and design teams become a thing of the past.

Push solutions that fit your organization

Get involved in the design process and make your typicals available at the right time.


Trust the process by making it transparent


Design process oversight

The contractor can access the platform and easily follow up the progress of the engineers and the draftsmen.


Seamless process for design adjustments

Designs can be downloaded for review and in case certain typicals are not desirable, proposals for adjustments can be submitted directly on the platform to the right design team.


Streamline the design process

Add your own library of typicals to the platform so they are suggested to the engineering office on the right place at the right time through our intelligent matching engine.

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